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Curriculum Overview

Child engages with Instructional assistant

Gateway School provides an individualized, comprehensive education to our students with communication and language-related disorders and/or autism, guiding them to independence in the areas of communication, academics, social and life skills.

Students are provided with a learning environment to meet their individualized learning style and needs through various paths: Brave, Epic, and Fearless Paths. All students are provided with an instructional program with language and communication integrated throughout the day.

Instructional Interventions:

All Gateway instruction activates multiple modalities and engages learners through active learning strategies. Each class is supported by a speech-language pathologist to consult with special educators and classroom staff to integrate communication and language skills throughout the school day.  All students participate in physical education, art, music, library, and social skills instruction weekly.

Gateway School follows the Maryland College and Career Ready Standards and implements a local school system’s curriculum.