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Gateway Audiology

Audiologist points to model of an ear as patient looks on

Gateway meets all of your hearing needs.

  • comprehensive hearing testing

  • hearing aid evaluation, selection, customization, repair and modifications

  • hearing aid dispensing from all major manufacturers

  • advice and sale of hearing aid accessories and batteries

  • custom hearing protection, including musician’s earplugs and swim plugs

* We accept most major insurances, including Medical Assistance. We are also available to provide hearing tests for students and staff at organizations throughout Maryland. If you would like to learn more about bringing Gateway Audiology to your place of business, contact us at 410.318.6780.

Why Get Your Hearing Checked Now?

Older woman (background) performs audiology test while technician reviews results (foreground)

Any hearing loss is much more than a quality-of-life issue.

Hearing loss can be associated with other potentially more serious health problems—from Type 2 diabetes to cognitive decline and falls in older adults. The American Speech-Language Hearing Association recommends that everyone have their hearing checked once every 10 years until age 50, and every 3 years after that.

A baseline hearing test now is the most important step in preserving your hearing health for life.


38 million Americans have significant hearing loss


The #3 most common chronic health issue faced by U.S. adults


The #1 modifiable risk factor for dementia among young adults

People with hearing loss wait an average of 7 years before seeking help

1 in 5 who could benefit from a hearing device actually wears one


9 in 10 hearing device users report improved quality of life

Frequently Asked Questions

The right hearing aids can significantly improve your quality of life—but only if your devices are customized to your needs and comfortable to wear and use. We can help.

  • A custom examination by our expert audiologists can help you identify exactly what types of hearing aids are best for you needs to help you achieve the best sound quality regardless of your surroundings.
  • We offer the best variety of hearing aid styles and high-tech features, and customized fittings and adjustments lead to better results.

If you suffer from a ringing in your ears that only you can hear, our expert audiologists can:

  • Examine you to determine exactly what is causing your tinnitus
  • Provide you with the best options for treating and preventing it from worsening
  • Improve how you hear all sounds to decrease the impact of tinnitus on your quality of life

You should make an appointment for a Gateway Audiology screening if your infant or child:

  • does not pass the newborn hearing screening or school screening
  • does not respond when spoken to/cannot hear when you call from another room
  • is not startled by loud noise
  • is delayed in developing speech
  • does not pay attention to music
  • does not imitate speech sounds

Our state-of the-art equipment allows us to perform accurate hearing tests on babies and young children who cannot be tested behaviorally. Our family-centered team is expert at working with babies and children.

Meet our Team

Our audiologists are licensed by the Maryland Board of Audiologists, Hearing Aid Dispensers & Speech-Language Pathologists.

Portrait of Rachel Purcel

Dr. Rachael Purcel


Dr. Purcel received her bachelor’s degree in speech pathology and audiology with a minor in disability studies at Miami University in Ohio. She received both her master’s degree in hearing, speech, and language sciences and her Doctor of Audiology at Gallaudet University. In addition, she completed her final year residency at an Arizona private practice. Dr. Purcel enjoys helping people of all ages hear and live their best and is working to bring cochlear implant services to our clinic.

Portrait of Elena Scarano

Dr. Elena Scarano


Dr. Scarano received her bachelor’s degree in speech-language hearing sciences with a minor in special education at Loyola University Maryland, where she also played Division I volleyball. She received her clinical doctorate in audiology at Montclair State University and completed a residency at Weill Cornell Medicine. Dr. Scarano’s deep passion for hearing wellness extends to both pediatric and adult hearing health, including diagnostics and hearing aids.

Portrait of Aidan Sharma

Dr. Aidan Sharma


Dr. Sharma, originally from Salisbury, Maryland, received his bachelor’s degree in hearing and speech sciences from the University Maryland, College Park in 2016. He continued his studies at Montclair State University and received his doctorate in audiology in 2021. Dr. Sharma is a licensed audiologist in the state of Maryland and is a fellow of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. In his spare time, Dr. Sharma likes going to concerts (wear your earplugs!), hiking, and spending time with friends and family.

Portrait of Elizabeth Johnson

Liz Johnson

Practice Manager

Liz oversees the day-to-day management of the business operations of the clinic including compliance, reporting, patient care, billing questions, and outreach with community centers.

Portrait of Bryanna Sparrow

Bryanna Sparrow

Patient Care Coordinator

Bryanna is responsible for all aspects of patient care at the clinic, including interfacing with patients, scheduling appointments, and answering questions about services provided.